Monday, February 13, 2017

About (the) Blog

Welcome to Reading and/or Writing in the Dark where writers, book lovers can hang out and have their work reviewed and/or recommended by me. More than that, I will be offering work edits. I will:

1) Give feedback (reading and reviewing)
2) Edit
3) Revise
4) Rewrite
5) Proofread
6) Organize
7) Verify (spelling, grammar, etc)

If edits is an option that you would like from me, then know that it cost based on these options:

Option 1
For those who is in the middle of writing or just getting started (at least 5 parts, 2-3 pages), if you're in need of an edit, the price can either be a follow both on Instagram and Wattpad. If you do not have Instagram, Wattpad is just as fine). You can also follow this blog.

Option 2
If your story is completed or if the story has more parts or more pages (for example, 10 parts, each part is (let's say) 3-5 pages) - completed work/work like that requires more and it is time consuming.

So payments are:

-          Follow me both on Wattpad and my blog (mandatory)
-          Donate to my campaign (depending on your age and the possibility thereof) (mandatory)
-          Credit and Acknowledgement

On this blog, there will also be book challenges, book tags and other activities that will help you get more reads/votes, friendship and followers.

Besides me, other members are:
    - Charlene aka -hentaisocial-
    - Hayden aka authorthayden

Review Policy:

I will not accept any rewards in exchange for book reviews unless it is for editing. My book reviews will be 100% honest and will reflect my personal opinion of the book. Don't complain nor hate me for giving a book a bad review. I have the right to decline any requests whether a review and/or edit.

Novel for reviews MUST be completed. Or in the process of being finished. No exceptions.

Reviews Outline:

- Title
- Author
- Book Cover
- Review/Thoughts
- Rating

Rating System:

★★★★★ - I absolutely loved it and would read it again
★★★★ - I enjoyed it and found it a good read
★★★ - It was okay, but could use more work
★★ - Read it, but did not like it or I only liked some aspect(s) of it
★ - I did not enjoy this book at all

Time Frame:

Book Reviews - 2 to 5 days depending on the length and the events in my personal life (maybe less days).

Book Edits - 5 to 7 days depending on the length of the book. At least 2 weeks for a complete book if you want absolute perfection.

Kind of Books I Read:
- Young Adult/New Adult
- Romance
- Paranormal (witches, ghosts, etc)
- Mystery/Thriller
- Fan-fiction (with exceptions)
- Fantasy
- Short Story or Teen Fiction
- Erotica
- Action

Books I Don't Read:
- Non-fiction
- Poetry
- Random
- Spiritual
- Humor (with exceptions)
- Classics


Order, that's the most important one. Don't confuse anything, if there's any questions or problems, we ought to be civilized and be an adult about it.

Rules are made to be followed, not broken so please. Do your part and I will make sure to do mine.

Payment upfront. No backsies, from me or you.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me on kik (not_yourtype), skype (fitsrus) and email ( There's also Wattpad (-MinnieMinx-) and Facebook, which is located at Social Media on this blog.

P.S. more adjustments might be made. Stay posted.

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